Proudly servicing the industrial and mining sectors of the industry.


Since its inception in 2014, Niiwin has grown into a fully functioning Mining Services Contractor. Our initial Resources Development Agreement with Goldcorp has allowed us to provide full time employment to First Nations Community Members and non-Community Members, as well as training opportunities to increase employability to all. Niiwin has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in a short period of time, becoming Goldcorp’s third largest contractor, providing services in 2017. WE look forward to expanding our services to other Mining Companies in the Timmins area, and are actively pursuing those opportunities.

The First Nation Leadership gives direction, industry talent and expertise in Niiwin’s management and operations. They are a necessary to our growth and business development.

  • First Nation Leadership100%
  • Board of Directors75%
  • President: Jason Batise50%
  • Interim General Manager: Calvin Goerk25%




Niiwin performed a large reclamation project in 2017 at the Broulan Tailings Site for Goldcorp. Over a 7-month period, over 250,000 tonnes of rock was placed around the perimeter of the tailings dam in order to stabilize the tailings and allow for filtration of water that drains naturally. This project employed, on average, 30 truck drivers and equipment operators daily from May to November.



We are currently focusing on industrial and mining surface projects. Niiwin is presently involved with GoWest Gold at the Bradshaw Mine Site, preparing to erect a building to facilitate a crushing program.



Niiwin routinely manages small to medium sized projects that are linked to Goldcorp’s Hoyle Pond mine site to their processing facility at the Dome mine site. This is a 7 day per week, 24-hour per day operation, employing 13 full-time truck drivers and equipment operators. This process also entails maintenance of the access roads to the mine and haul road.



Starting in October of 2016, Niiwin has managed the janitorial services at the Hoyle Pond mine site. This involves cleaning of the administration building, which houses the “dry” facilities for over 500 workers. This also includes all of the offices, board rooms, conference room, and training rooms. Niiwin also services the on-site maintenance building, and periodically has cleaners go underground to perform miscellaneous cleaning tasks. Late in 2016, Niiwin’s responsibilities increased when the “Hoyle Deep” administration building became occupied. This is a 7 day per week, 24 hour per day operation which employs 6 full-time professionals.



Niiwin, through the R.D.A. works in partnership with Guarda World, managing security for all of Goldcorp’s active and closed sites.



Niiwin, through the R.D.A. works in partnership with local contractors to manage the fencing requirements for all of Goldcorp’s active and closed sites.



Niiwin, through the R.D.A. works in partnership with local contractors manage surface drilling on Goldcorp’s closed sites for monitoring purposes.